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When people compare you with the G.O.A.T., your destiny is to win multiple championships.

History never did LeBron James’s justice. People criticize him for everything: not clutch, can’t shoot 3s, can’t shoot free throw, only rely on teammates. In this final series, once again, he proved everyone wrong. Take a look at the total stat of these five games:

LeBron James:
Points: 141
Rebound: 39
Assist: 20
2PT: 57%
3PT: 52%
FT: 83%

The best stat from individual player of the Spurs:
Points: Parker 90
Rebounds: Duncan 50
Assists: Diaw 29

Clearly, It was LeBron James playing against the entire Spurs team.

But the history book will not reveal the stat. It will just mark another loss for LeBron James in the final.(As you can see from the tweet) People will continue to blame on him for whatever they want to.

LeBron James, the tragedy hero, it’s as simple as it is.

Congratulation San Antonio Spurs, classic organization, extraordinary coaching staff, and unselfish good team players. Together it made an unbelievable team. Shout out to Tim Duncan, the best power forward ever play in the NBA. San Antonio Spurs, 2014 NBA champion.

當人們把你跟Michael Jordan做比對,你的命運就是贏得冠軍。
歷史從來就對LeBron James不公。人們無止境地批評他,關鍵時刻不準、不會投外線、只會靠隊友。這系列,再一次,他用表現讓所有人閉嘴。看看這五場比賽的總和數據:

James 141分 39籃板 20助攻 兩分命中率 57% 三分命中率52% 罰球命中率 83%
馬刺球員單一球員最佳數據: Parker 90分 Duncan 50籃板 Diaw 29助攻



LeBron James, 悲劇英雄,簡單明瞭。

恭喜馬刺隊,經典的制服組、偉大的教練團、和一群無私的好球員,造就了一支偉大的冠軍隊。也恭喜Tim Duncan,NBA有史以來最偉大的大前鋒,沒有之一。2014 NBA總冠軍,San Antonio Spurs。

Spurs' Duncan points to the bench during a break in play against the Heat during Game 3 of their NBA Finals basketball playoff in San Antonio

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