This series of pictures reflects the state of my mind for the past 48 hour lock down in my compound. I didn’t panic, nor did I get too high or too low.

I woke up, checked my messages, drank Vitamin C, read, watered my plants, cooked, ate breakfast, worked, ate lunch, worked, did nothing, watched outside, created works, online shopped, COVID-19 tested, diner, watched tv, showered, slept, repeated.

48 hours didn’t go by fast, nor did it trouble me as much. When it comes to the anxiety of freedom, the military service experience was, and probably will continue to, be the most difficult time of my life – I basically was locked in the field for 37 days straight without being able to move freely according to my personal will. The daily routine was to wake up at 5am, a whole day of mandatory physical and military training, and go to sleep around 9:30pm. Thirty seven consecutive days, no weekday, no weekend, everyday was the same. The only free time for myself was the 10minute break here and there and the 10 minutes public phone call to my family and ex-girlfriend. The whole troop had 160 male soldiers. The 37 days I met 4 women, 3 elder women to shave our hair, and 1 girl in convenience store. It certainly felt like jail, and thanks to that, I broke up with my girlfriend and lost 5kg…

The military experience has taught me many lessons in life and allowed me to look at the world from a completely different perspectives. Back then, freedom was truly a luxury, and I had to fulfill my duty for 11 months straight. No way out.

But now, the 48 hour lock down in my compound is a different journey and I wanted to document them through my newly acquired iPhone 13 pro max.

Day one drawing.

The temporary tent became the joy of my life – My food and tao-bao delivery. Surprise and surprise!

New toy – 2 liter cold water container. I sliced oranges and put them in. By the way, I did a poll in Instagram and 70% of people actually think they shop more online during these COVID-19 days. (This one month or so.)

Lost newspaper. Do nothing is the best.

Words are impactful when they are concise, polished, and resonating.

Dinwiddie made the game winning shot against the Nets. Big shot for him. Dude worked his ass off during summer and balled out this season. Opportunities are for those who prepare.

The signal of Spring for my babe.

Day one COVID test. Was fast, took me less than 10 minutes in line. 2-3 second for the test.

From Adam Grant – My daily read for social science.
A dull day – The 48 hours I changed my outfit multiple times, from spring, to summer, and then to winter. Dress up for work is a routine for me to separate my work and personal time.
Bought this beauty. Vans has probably the most amazing print on footwear upper amongst all of the sports / lifestyle brands. You don’t wear Vans shoes to showcase the shoes, you mix and match and mesh the shoes into your own style.
Good morning and good afternoon.

New iPhone 13 pro max. A friend from Apple brought this from Taiwan to me. Time for My iPhone 8 plus to retire. It was an incredible 5 year ride with him. We been through unforgettable moments. Amazing work Apple team. Unbelievable product.

Day two of my drawing.

Trying to make this single flat feels more lively.

Speak to the earth…Do you ?

Onto the next journey, buddy.

Happy weekend ya’ll.

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