Lockdown Day 32 //

As self-quarantine continues to restrict my movement, it also ignites my imagination for home decoration.

The concept of my new flat, as I previously stated, is – Creative expression of nature in active lifestyle. In short, it’s G (Grant / Green) Labrary. (Library / Lab)

Last year around the same time I was surfing, tanning, and embracing the mother nature in Sanya…I miss it dearly.

Instead of being passively upset about my situation, I would rather just proactively seek for area of change, and tonight, I just do that with my balcony setting – Green plants, books, music, and a bottle of red wine. (Thanks Fatdan) I will probably cook a steak later and do some casual reading. (Living in a Spain lifestyle this 5/1 holiday.)

By the way, I think of Haruki Murakami and Steve Jobs a lot lately. Their words and thinking are truly inspirational to me.

Cheers, mate.

Music – FKJ Sundays (Just Piano)


隔离日志三十二天 //







音乐 – FKJ Sundays (Just Piano)

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