WWE-More than a show

Yesterday I fulfilled one of my dreams since childhood: watching WWE in Patriot Center in person.

What? This is your dream? What an absurd one! Some people might laugh at me. As a hardcode fan that has been watched professional wrestle (including all japan pro wrestling) for more than a decade, I know what your impressions are: WWE is nothing but a fake sports, or even not deserved to be titled as sports.

Indeed, WWE is scripted. It creates good and bad characters, its result is pre-determined, and worst of all, it has its athletes, or superstars so do speak, to act.

I realize all of the above comments; However, I still enjoy watching it. WWE stands for world wrestle entertainment. It used to be called WWF, world wrestle federation, and federation was changed into entertainment in 2002. If you realized the meaning of entertainment, you should not have judged the authenticity. Those superstars train themselves with effort and discipline. They endure severe pains and risk their lives for potential injury to perform at the highest level. They spend more than 300 days traveling and performing for their fans from city to city and country to country. Most importantly, they are passionate as to what they do and their lives are devoted to their jobs.

When I saw how muscular WWE superstars were in the arena, immediately I realize how tirelessly they train themselves in the gym. If you respected a person by how dedicated s/he is toward his profession, WWE superstars should have earned your respect. They might not be the traditional athletes in your mind, but certainly they deserve your respects as professional performers.


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