Notes for Tough Mudder Mid-Atlantic Event

Tough Mudder is by far the toughest competition I have ever attended.

What`s Tough Mudder? It is a 10-12 mile hardcore obstacle game, designed by British Special Forces to test participants` overall strength, stamina, coordination, and teamwork. In each half mile, there is one obstacle. Most of the time, you need to cooperate with your teammates to get through the obstacle. 

Here are what those obstacles look like:

It was April 20th, 2013. A team full of 16 fearless people, mostly Robert Smith MBA students, decided to challenge their physical limits. It was a beautiful 60-degree sunny day, but a little chilly to run. I ran without shirt and marked Smith on my chest.

After I finished the first couple obstacles with cold water, my body temperature dropped drastically. But I understood it was just the beginning. The most difficult challenge, Walk The Plank, was waiting ahead. For Walk The Plank, you need to jump into freezing water from 15+ feet high. I have acrophobia and pondered my leap for a while. While seeing couple crazy people doing belly-flops in front of me, I followed their lead and jumped immediately. Later on, The Arctic Enema brought me into ice bath, where my body was immersed with ices and I could not feel my hands afterward.

As our team ran forward, I saw many other contenders stopped and rested. Some looked pale, others looked painful, and ten more people were sent out by ambulance.

To my impression, one handicapped guy with special wheel chair conquered Trench Warfare, and everybody gave him a huge applaud when he came out of the warfare.

In the last two miles, I could feel that my right leg was about to cramp, so I used my left leg to run instead. My body was in a lot of pain. At that point, it was about all about will. I saw people giving up and surpass obstacles, but I refused to do the same. In the last second obstacle, one of the our remaining teammates hurt his arm. The number of our team member decreased from 16 to 3, including Kagan, Yoichiro, and I.

The last obstacle was Electroshock Therapy. I got shocks numerous times and got multiple cramps all over my body. My body was bruised and scraped, and I only had one leg to support my whole body weight.

I forgot how I passed the finish line. My body kept trembling, and I could barely stand.

After the competition, I understood one thing, that is, if you try to get out of your comfort zone and do your very best, you will be surprised by how much you will be capable of doing. People often limit themselves for various reasons, and Tough Mudder taught me to face it, take it, and conquer it. I looked around, my teammates, Kagan and Yoichiro are ten years older than I. Lily and Katie, two girls ran with us in the same pace entirely. I thought about my father, who was able to complete triathlon at 60 year-old. I felt tiny and I was humble as a human being.

All in all, I needed to thank Wade Swanson for leading us through the whole event. As a former Marine and Tough Mudder veteran, he did an excellent job in leading our smith MBA team. We were just like a troop, and he was the corporal in charge of the team, making sure no one was left behind. Without his leadership, we would not be able to enjoy our fruitful success.

It was all about teamwork! Tough Mudder Smith MBA team, success!

Official video for Mid-Atlantic Event on April 20th


Tough Mudder是我參加過最困難的比賽,沒有之一。

比賽是12英哩,約19公里的障礙賽。由專門替特種部隊設計路線的人所規劃。 每0.5英哩左右,就有一個障礙。由於是障礙賽,很多障礙都需要隊友幫忙。



我上半身赤裸跑步,一開始體溫很正常,隨著跑步距離加長,體溫越發上升,但幾道在冷水匍匐前進的障礙,讓我體溫極速下降。天氣亦非常冷,約莫10~15度左右。印象最深的就是一關要從4樓高的地方跳水,有點懼高症的我在那邊停留超久,不敢跳,還看到旁邊的人在空中旋轉一圈落水,後來硬著頭皮給他跳下去。之後又有一關要跳冰水 起來我整個體溫失調,手幾乎失去知覺。






最後最後,這次我們能夠完成,Wade Swanson的領軍功不可沒,身為前海軍及Tough Mudder的老將(比過四次),他一直帶領著大家前進,時不時確認隊員的狀況,我們好像是一支部隊,他是隊長,掌管全局,沒有他的領導,我們不會如此順利的完成這項賽事。

It is all about teamwork! Tough Mudder Smith MBA team,成功!


Smith MBA team
Enjoy the mud!Image
Katie and Lilly
ImageMy trophy

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