2014 Final Heat V.S. Spurs Game Four Analysis

It was a blow out win for the Spurs tonight. Popovich shows the world why he is still the best coach in the NBA right now. Since he moved Bori Diaw as starter in game 3, Spurs has won two games in large margins. Couple ideas to share for this game.

1. Move the ball, or you die. Number of assists: Spurs 25, Heat 13. Spurs players passed the ball extremely well. Both teams played good D in the first 15 seconds. The difference is that Spurs kept moving the ball to the open man in the remaining 10 seconds, but Heat players played ISO.

2. What’s your game plan, Spoelstra? I don’t understand what Spo’s game plan was…Bosh played well in the 1st quarter, but then he didn’t have balls on hands. LeBron played well in the third quarter and he was benched for the first 4+ minutes in the 4th quarter.

3. Haslem, Jones, and Battier, where are you? These guys can contribute right away and don’t demand balls in hands. Why do you keep using Ray Allen and Rashad Lewis? To beat the Spurs team, the Heat needs everyone to make contributions.

4. Changing defense on LeBron. Last year Spurs dared LeBron to shoot behind 15 foot. This year they let him play ISO. He can’t connect with other players for easy baskets or wide open shots. Taht is supposed to be one of his greatest weapons.

5. Boris Diaw. Boris isn’t the kind of guy who can score 20+ points. He always searches for wide opens for his teammates. He drives to pass, not to score. Don’t understand why Heat players double-team him.

6. Mario Chalmers? Besides offensive fouls and turnovers, I don’t even know he is on the court. He usually put 10+ points and makes couple 3s for the Heat, especially down the stretch, he has the reputation to make big shots. But now what?

7. Closing the quarters. Spurs put much pressures on Heat from the backcourt, that’s usually what the Heat did to the opponents…

8. No fast break and transition= no easy buckets. Heat beats opponents by fast breaks and transition points. You don’t see much in this series.

In short, next game the Heat needs to increase the minutes for Haslem and Jones, and put Battier on Leonard. LeBron has to be on the attack mode and attacks the paints right in the beginning. Wade stops thinking about getting fouls, shoots midrange jumpers if not able to score in the paints. To increase the space, Spo put more shooters on the court and ask them to shoot. Closing the quarters with more pressures on defense. Don’t double team easily. Heat players be disciplined, it is the possession game. One possession at a time. No team in the history has ever come back 1-3, but I still have faith in you guys. Together we will win, let’s go Heat!


One thought on “2014 Final Heat V.S. Spurs Game Four Analysis

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