grant lee motorcycle diary part one

Taiwan, my hometown, is a small island located in the south east Asia. In 2011 summer, I spent eight-day-seven-night, riding my motorcycle for more than 1500 km around Taiwan. (I literally felt like I lost my hips.) It was a trip of self-enlightenment, self-fulfilling, and self-discovery. Thanks to the trip, I was able to discover the beauty of the island like never before. Here, I want to show you what I had seen during the trip. Starting from the east coast, I hope you would the pictures and perhaps, plan on visiting *Formosa sometime in the near future.

*Formosa: Spanish Formosa was a Spanish colony established in the north of Taiwan from 1626 to 1642. The Portuguese were the first Europeans to discover the island of Taiwan, and named it Formosa due to the beautiful landscape as seen from the sea. Source: Wikipedia



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