Every journey starts somewhere.

Whether it is to initiate a conversation, create a relationship, try out a new restaurant, or hop on an unknown adventure.

It takes courage to start that journey.

And the more aged I am, the less courageous I found myself to become.

It is common for people entering into their 30s.

But to me, that’s not good.

I am not happy about that.

So here I am, writing this blog post at 7:00am CST on October 1st 2017, one year and 6 days after my previous post.

I want to resume updating this blog and share more ideas that are worth sharing.

Looking back at the blog, I had more than 10 drafts saved in the box that I haven’t published. They were business ideas, life anecdotes, experiences in China…and so on.

The more I drafted, the more I became skeptical about what to write and what to share, and eventually it led me not to do anything in the end.

It is time to change.

Time to start that conversation again.

And I hope you found it worth reading.



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