Busy yet fulfilling first month

It has been one month since I began my second year in Smith School of Business. Everyday I am dealing with new challenges and uncertainties, which cause lots of ups and downs. One of the significant changes of my life is my new part time job in the school. I joined the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship as a Graduate Marketing Assistant.

Working in the Dingman Center is self-fulfilling, not only because of my strong passion in the marketing, but also due to the opened-minded environment and the people with amazing characters. There, I can breathe the excitement of being an entrepreneur. Although my focus is in Marketing, I deem this job as a great opportunity to learn business in more well-rounded perspectives. In Dingman, I can meet with student entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs-in-residence, as well as MBA classmates with business ideas. By speaking with them, I have learned a lot of new things and made lots of new friends.

Other than the Dingman, I had been to two career conferences, one of which was the National Black MBA Conference taken placed in Houston, Texas, and the other was the Asian MBA Conference in New York. Attending conference was nothing new to me, since I had attended three conferences during my first year. What surprised me was how I have improved during this one year in the business school. I could clearly see my growing in many different ways and that motivated me a lot.

Looking forward, there are seven more months prior to my graduation. For the people that I have met, the places that I have been to, and the things that I have been involved with, already can I tell you how much I will be missing MBA school now.This is an amazing journey, and I am more than thrilled and grateful to be part of it.






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