GLee’s Worth Sharing #2 Social Networking vs Social Distancing

“What is the difference between social networking v.s. social distancing?”

The notion of social networking was introduced and popularized by The Facebook since 2003.”

Yes, the website that you and I both have an account registered and logged in checking in everyday to know what’s going on with your community.

And yes, out of curiosity, I used to use that site to check my classmates before a new class began and see who took the same course back in university days back in 2006.

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GLee’s Worth Sharing #1 Magazine B

Reading and writing keeps me sane and zen.

In a sophisticated world with all sort of communication medium fighting to get your attention, slowing down and deep dive into a single subject has become a luxury.

Fortunately, or perhaps let me put into this way… A blessing in disguise during this Covid outbreak period for me, is that I got to spend much time in reading.

More than ever.

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葛蘭特李的籃球日誌 #25 淺談球員球隊的自媒體觀察 – 球員篇


那對於籃球圈的影響呢? 其實挺大的!早期球員不善理財,不會管理個人品牌,家族親朋好友眾多,導致退役後五年內破產率達到了百分之八十。今天則完全不可同日而語。球員不僅更加懂得善用自身知名度多角化經營,更深暗自帶流量以及自頻道”own platform”的重要性。今天我想簡單聊一下,一些我覺得好玩有趣的球員球隊自媒體頻道及內容,以及背後的一些觀察及想法。這篇先從球員說起吧!

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The taste of Silicon Valley in 21 days

It just marked the forth weeks since moving to Silicon Valley, yet I already felt living here for a while. Before living here, I only had been to California once: During my spring break back in junior year of college with my Japanese and Saudi Arabian friends. We visited Los Angeles and San Diego, which was supposed to be awesome, but then turned out to be probably the worst trip ever.

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Vblog – Wake Forest Retail Innovation Challenge Team Aurilie

One of the very first lessons I learned in MBA was “elevator pitch”. What’s elevator pitch? Basically, it is a short summary to concisely describe one object to your audience. The object can be a business solution, a personal introduction, a picture…etc. The speech is usually within one or two minutes.

In business schools, MBA students are trained to deliver elevator pitch. We have to be able to say who we are, what we do, and why our products work efficiently and effectively. (Products can be a person, a business idea, or anything.)

Though elevator pitch is called “elevator” pitch, I had never seen anyone doing it in the real elevator until Wake Forest Retail Innovation Challenge.

Wake Forest Innovation Challenge was one of the most exciting and unforgettable memories I have ever experienced in the MBA school: Pitching new business plan idea in the real elevators to venture capitalists and industry experts. The experience was simply overwhelming and breathe-taking. I wrote a blog post detailing the experience, check it out in: Wake Forest Retail Innovation Challenge.

Unlike the old post with lots of words, this time, I want to show you what it feels like in the real elevators! Check out the following videos presented by the Retail Innovation Center at Wake Forest University. I was getting bumped while watching the videos.

(Introduction of the competition)

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Busy yet fulfilling first month

It has been one month since I began my second year in Smith School of Business. Everyday I am dealing with new challenges and uncertainties, which cause lots of ups and downs. One of the significant changes of my life is my new part time job in the school. I joined the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship as a Graduate Marketing Assistant. Continue reading