Ni Hao, Taipei!

The mysterious quarantine journey has come to a temporary end with magical number 49.

Today is May 23rd, 2022.

Cloudy Monday.

A friend of mine shared with me her good news of embarking on another exciting journey. I’m super excited for her. It is the kind of news that you wish you can drink and celebrate together, but oh well, 2022 hasn’t been going as planned, so I guess we take whatever life throws at us and react with the best we can.

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葛兰特李的 中国随记 #47 48 hour locked down

This series of pictures reflects the state of my mind for the past 48 hour lock down in my compound. I didn’t panic, nor did I get too high or too low.

I woke up, checked my messages, drank Vitamin C, read, watered my plants, cooked, ate breakfast, worked, ate lunch, worked, did nothing, watched outside, created works, online shopped, COVID-19 tested, diner, watched tv, showered, slept, repeated.

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葛蘭特李的 中國隨記 #42 The Tinder Swindler – Fake it till you make it

今年目前看到最好看的電影 / 紀錄片,沒有之一。沒看過這部片的同學建議不要看這個分享…。

看完片後google劇中人物,真實世界的現況 hits me hard. (很難用中文確切表達hit這個詞…)


“Fake it till you make it”

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葛蘭特李的 中國隨記 #39 關於書 我想說的是…




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葛蘭特李的 中國隨記 #36 三亞野孩子 – 穿梭山水之間的溯溪Ninja





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葛蘭特李的 中國隨記 #34 奇奇怪怪 可可愛愛 十二月上海

2021年十二月的上海,在這週末鄰近我住家不到五百米的小區跟街道被封之後(幾位熟識的朋友歷經48小時隔離),顯得依舊魔幻。疫情發生至今將近兩年,昨天下午在朋友車上,他說這兩年sucks,沒有business & personal travel,生活stuck,少了些熱情、提不起勁。

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Grant Lee’s China Diary #32 “OFF THE WALL” Spirit

It has been almost 6 months since I joined Vans. Well… I have to admit…After 6.5 years of preaching Nike and Jordan brand cultures to the Chinese consumers, it does feel different to serve for another brand. There are a lot of similarities between the skateboard and the swoosh brand, since the essence for both are to advocate cultures.

But Vans feels somewhat different. It is raw, unpolished, younger, more free, and much more rebellious.

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葛蘭特李的 中國隨記 #31 十月上海 – 為賦新詞強說愁,卻道天涼好個秋


西北酒莊之旅的構思在iphone note裡塵封、NBA Lakers新賽季指南在facebook發佈,但工作忙碌的我,就是沒有精力去安安靜靜地乖乖坐在桌前敲鍵盤四五百個字,說說雜感。

終於今晚,一頓臺菜小酒館,回家,Bluetooth室內音響播放艾怡良的Forever Young~垂直活著,水平留念著…攝氏十八度,伴著微涼晚風與昏暗的客廳黃光,沈澱靜下心來、寫寫字、喝點小酒,自(字)慢。

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