Reading and writing keeps me sane and zen.

In a sophisticated world with all sort of communication medium fighting to get your attention, slowing down and deep dive into a single subject has become a luxury.

Fortunately, or perhaps let me put into this way… A blessing in disguise during this Covid outbreak period for me, is that I got to spend much time in reading.

More than ever.

It simply makes me happy.

And writing makes me happy too!

So basing on the idea of “sharing is caring”, why not just go back to the old days writing in free flow and share topics that I feel like worth sharing.

Grant Lee’s lists of worth sharing – Whether a material or an idea or a concept or whatever subject it can be, that I want to share with my community on this site.

I know I had been publishing way too many content in Mandarin Chinese and my Westerner friends and audiences did politely remind and complain to me about this so from now on I will try to write more in English so the global audience can read and resonate.

And today I am going to start with magazine B.

// What is Magazine B? //


I like the concept.

A Lot.

After watching the Oscar Academy winning award Parasite, my level of respect to Korean storytelling has risen to a whole new level.



“Korean knows how to tell compelling story and transcend a local cultural issue to the broader global audience in a profound and emotional manner.”

That’s my immediate thought after watching the film.

Those imageries and ideas linger in my mind, for hours and even days…


Same theory for Magazine B. The concept of well-balance coverage for business, culture, and philosophy, delivered eloquently and aesthetically, once again showcases the power of Korean content production.

Since 2000, Korean has increasingly become more prominent in this filed, the area where Japan excelled in and was famous for. Japan used to be the power house in exporting pop culture to the world, but due to economic downturn it has slide recently.

On the contrary, we are seeing more and more “Made In Korea” products spreading in the world. The emergence of K Pop back in early 2000 from H.O.T. to then Rain and now G.Dragon.

Korean knows how to sell their culture!

It’s like they know the secret sauce of pizza and how to cook it in a way the world can enjoy.

Unique selling proposition + Big Data + Excellent execution = MIK (Made in Korea)

Ok back to Magazine B…

Let me share some imageries so you get an idea about what the content looks like…








I hope you get the idea.


The layout design, visual presentation, and wiring structure are the essential three components I enjoy the most.

It also has in-depth business one pager on the very end to show the overall executive summary.

Feel like I spent much time talking about MIK instead of magazine B, but anyway I hope you get the idea.



This weekend I am going to dive into the reading ocean.

See you next week my friend.


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