The Power of Social Media Era

Recently I watched a powerful video about social media revolution. It was already the third time I watched this video, and I watched it in three different MBA courses. This video forced me to think about the emergence of social media, and I can not help but begin to recall what social media has changed the world.

During 2006 to 2007, I was as an exchange student in University of St.Thomas in Minnesota. I witnessed the booming of Facebook. In 2008, I went back to Taiwan. Facebook was just introduced and accepted by the general public at the time, and I was amazed by the different online behaviors Taiwanese showed. Simply put, compared with American and Europeans’, Taiwanese are more sticky on social media and willing to share our personal lives on Facebook.

Now here comes Instagram and Snapchat. These two sites are especially popular amongst youngsters. Facebook used to be associated by users with cool and fun, but as it has grown bigger, it gradually lost that elements. It needs to post advertisements to earn revenues, and that kills the momentum for youngsters to enjoy it. Though Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook have different use base, they have one thing in common: It is hard to measure the ROI in the short run.

However, social media has become an inevitable trend for marketers to adopt when determining marketing mix strategy. Below is the video of social media revolution 2013. It has just been ten years since the introduction of Facebook, and that already dramatically changed our life in many perspectives. What will happen in the next ten years? Will Facebook survive for another ten years? Friend, unfriend? Like? Or perhaps, dislike? We are living in the uncertain era, and nobody knows what will happen next.

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