About turning 30 this thing

As I get older and accumulate more life experiences, I have become more easily to reflect upon my past.

This morning while I was preparing for a Jordan brand presentation on the express to Hong Kong, I couldn’t help but think about my college life: Days in my senior year in global business management course and the lecturer was a 50 something year old gentlemen who worked as a GM for a multinational hotel chain. He came to our campus with personal driver. He spoke fluent English, dressed decent suit, and loved to share his global experiences through real case study to us, 20 year old kids who were naive and fearless. He spoke with authority and in a powerful manner. He reminded me of Donald trump. Well… Not for the hair.

At the time, many of us looked up to him. Not only because of his title, but for the fact that he inspired us with his global and real life experience. A true global trotter and a real businessman.

At the time, I wanted to be like him.

80%, I think.

Not for the fact that he wore nice suit and had his own driver, but for his global experience and incredible knowledge for the world and the marketplace. The world seemed small to him.

Years later, now I’m sitting in a Starbucks, a place where I call home, in an unfamiliar Hong Kong street. Since I turned 26, I began to travel around and lived in different cities. My world has changed and my point of views to the world has also dramatically changed.

Am I becoming the man and living in the life that I envisioned myself to be? No clue. But one thing for sure is that I’m fulfilling my dream, a dream that has no finish fine. What’s even better is that I’m not walking alone, but with an unbelievable group of people who share equal passions for the sports with me.

For that, i feel forever grateful and fortunate.

When I opened my laptop to watch MJ commercials. I told myself: “Am I working?!” “Who else has a cooler job than I do?” I simply feel blessed to be the few selected people among billions to work on something I am truly passionate about.

Life is good. Keep walking and rolling.


Written by a man who is somehow scared to face the reality that he will turn 30 in few months.

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