As Morroco just surprised the world by defeating Brasil and made the first appearance for Africa countries into semi-final, the world is fired up by football. Share some of my observations for the biggest sports parties.

1. World Cup is war, in a civilized way.

2. Has the most engaging / emotional fans.

3. The most influential athletes – IG Followers: CR7 (512M) / Messi (387M) / Neymar (192M). LeBron James (138M).

4. Largest cultural festival. Reminds me a lot of Black Panther – Wakanda scenes.

5. Full of African heritages – From fans to players. France as example.

6. Style of plays showcases the personalities of countries – Japan plays organized team sports. No superstars, team system. Brasil dances and plays upbeat.

World Cup pumped me up while I’m doing Africa trip planning. Very excited as I’m about to explore and uncover the African cultures that I grew up with through a much closer lens: Black culture, music, arts, natures, celebrations,…etc.

On another side note, it also reminds me of two great people that recently left the world  – Virgil Abloh and Chadwick Boseman. Virgil was the game changer and visionary to breakthrough the boundaries between high fashion and street culture, and Chadwick made every black kid in the world to believe they can be a superhero one day. (Chadwick was planed to be the face for marvel after Ironman died…Another great what if…) These two have forever reshape the world through art, culture, and fashion, and beyond.

The world needs more color and celebrations!

Most importantly, more sports!

2022 opening in Qatar.

Audience seat is part of the beautiful scene to watch.

Black Panther I celebration.

Wakanda Forever – Chadwick Boseman.

Virgil Abloh – Off-White founder.

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