GLee’s Worth Sharing #2 Social Networking vs Social Distancing

“What is the difference between social networking v.s. social distancing?”

The notion of social networking was introduced and popularized by The Facebook since 2003.”

Yes, the website that you and I both have an account registered and logged in checking in everyday to know what’s going on with your community.

And yes, out of curiosity, I used to use that site to check my classmates before a new class began and see who took the same course back in university days back in 2006.

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葛蘭特李的 中國隨記 #14 2020 上海 疫情下的春天

普通朋友 陶喆




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葛蘭特李的旅行日誌 #1 說走就走的旅行

年輕的時後,我們義無反顧,沒有包袱,可以說走就走,那時,最喜歡最常聽到的一句話是兄弟 Vincent Vnz Hwang 說的:”男子漢就是要”壯遊”才帥呀!” 壯遊兩字,深深烙印在腦海。


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