The mysterious quarantine journey has come to a temporary end with magical number 49.

Today is May 23rd, 2022.

Cloudy Monday.

A friend of mine shared with me her good news of embarking on another exciting journey. I’m super excited for her. It is the kind of news that you wish you can drink and celebrate together, but oh well, 2022 hasn’t been going as planned, so I guess we take whatever life throws at us and react with the best we can.

Counting my days of absence from Taipei for the past two years… My flight departed on March 21, 2020, and I came back on May 12, 2022. 782 days. So vivid.

The past 782 days – I changed, a lot. My job changed, my relationship status changed, my apartment changed, and my approach of life changed.

How about you, Taipei?

I can’t wait to re-visit Taipei (Taiwan) this time. I can’t wait to re-read the book that I’ve read thousands times all over agin and explore the new perspectives of life.

Ni Hao, Taipei! I’m back! And first thing is to get vaccine!

Taipei view from the flat
Highway view passing by…So familiar yet so far. On my way to get the motorcycle from my friend.
Life on the move. Motorcycle DNA since 18.
1am midnight ride.
Taipei has the best convenience store in the world. 7-11, Family Mart. Too good.
Went to grocery shopping for $1500 NTD. Taiwanese snacks and instant foods…Yum.

3km casual run and found a new park nearby my home. I’m going to be your frequent visitor, yo!
50 days of messy hair, finally had a clean cut. Fresh fresh.

Stay tuned for more interesting pictures and perspectives my friends.

Breathe in, breathe deep, and breathe out.

Monday no blue. 🙂

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