Watching The Kanye ‘Ye’ West Interview With Pierce from Pierce Morgan Uncensored, I couldn’t find exact words to articulate my feelings. Part of me was entertained and amazed by the level of in-depth conversation these two had, and part of me, thought the media landscape today has forever changed.

Context, narrative, environment, manipulations.

We are living in a highly complex world.

It is stunningly beautiful, yet shockingly cruel.

The surging popularity of social media, especially after smart phone and video platform become the mainstreams, had brought the complexity of human behavior to a whole new level.

Raw, unpolished, uncensored, authentic, real, unapologetic, these words are trending key words for social media marketing, in particular for the content creation directive.

The tools of content creation together with the advanced technology such as 5G technology, makes the information travel cheaper, faster, and much easier.

With demand, here comes supply, vice versa.

And we witnessed the new economy growth from platform & content economy. I.e. Tiktok, Instagram, Netflix, Disney+…etc.

The total information one person consumed for his / her entire life in the 19 century is equal to one for a day today…

The speed of how information travels today… In a way, makes the rules you learn from the textbook in school today, obsolete.

On another note, due to COVID-19, the world has been split apart due to different political stands and health defense. We can no longer travel freely as we used to, and many nowadays are still are undergoing quarantine, lockdown…etc.

To certain degree, I ask myself “what kind of a world that we are living today?”


From a business meeting today my counterpart told me “This is different from previous process”, that sentence hit me hard and kept me reflected upon “What process” is the “right process”. People who have served in large corporate understand the importance of process management, because it is the right process that keeps the corporate to function.

But her response to me, given all of the changes we are undergoing in today’s world, surprises me.

And then I began to reflect the changes we have had since COVID-19.

I don’t have brilliant words to conclude from my thoughts, but if one thing, that is, we are all change agents.

You would be surprised by how you lived three years ago if you could travel through time machine.

Onward and upward.

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