The New Normal Since 2020

Watching The Kanye ‘Ye’ West Interview With Pierce from Pierce Morgan Uncensored, I couldn’t find exact words to articulate my feelings. Part of me was entertained and amazed by the level of in-depth conversation these two had, and part of me, thought the media landscape today has forever changed.

Context, narrative, environment, manipulations.

We are living in a highly complex world.

It is stunningly beautiful, yet shockingly cruel.

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葛兰特李的 中国随记 #47 48 hour locked down

This series of pictures reflects the state of my mind for the past 48 hour lock down in my compound. I didn’t panic, nor did I get too high or too low.

I woke up, checked my messages, drank Vitamin C, read, watered my plants, cooked, ate breakfast, worked, ate lunch, worked, did nothing, watched outside, created works, online shopped, COVID-19 tested, diner, watched tv, showered, slept, repeated.

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葛蘭特李的 中國隨記 #23 2020疫情前的東京


六年前,我們三人分別處在不同的人生階段,美國室友Grayson Ross是大學三年級的美國engineer主修兼樂團bass手,德國血統、馬里蘭長大的21歲小伙子。 Jimpei Harada我的日本室友,是34歲的東京本地人,在日本銀行工作過十年,玩過樂團,聰明低調,煮昆布鍋超好吃,沒事會一個人在東京近郊騎腳踏車閒晃。而我呢,台北人,29歲熱情熱血喜歡打籃球,連續兩年在學校打了一堆籃球比賽,整天參加商業創新競賽跟roadtrip。





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GLee’s Worth Sharing #5 2020 Learnings

2020 was a year full of unprecedented news… Starting from the sudden tragedy of Kobe Bryant in January, then there was a world-wide pandemic of COVID-19 that gradually shut down the entire world… Then it was the #blacklifematters social activity that triggered the race equality issue in the United States… Later all the sports games got canceled and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic got postponed, and few days ago… It was the passage of soccer legend Maradona…

What a year it has been!

With so many negative news spreading around the world, staying healthy suddenly becomes a blessing.

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